Our workshops are directed at people who initiate, lead, or participate in knowledge management programs, including IT Executives, R&D and Project Managers, Corporate Development, Human Resources & Training Program Managers, Chief Architects, and Senior Business Strategists.

Knowledge Management Solutions




Among the many challenges that managers face today, one is becoming increasingly important: how to make the best use of the knowledge that an organization's employees possess.  Top performing corporations and organizations around the world understand that successful management of their organizations’ knowledge results in:



•  Increased productivity


•  Better performance


•  Faster innovation


•  Improved customer service


•  Reduced knowledge loss, and


•  Employee growth and learning opportunities



Corporations, businesses and organizations in both the public and private sectors are constantly searching for new cutting-edge methods and techniques for creating, storing, capturing, managing, organizing, distributing, combining, and retrieving their organizational knowledge.

KM Workshops


Our workshops will give you all the necessary skills and understanding for ensuring effective knowledge management — from conception and initiation, through planning and implementation, to management, measurement and continued improvement.  You will not only learn about KM technology, but will also explore the human aspects of knowledge management and the sources of motivation, creativity, and problem-solving skills that create real value.


You will have the opportunity to listen to knowledge management leaders share the concepts, strategies, methodologies, and tools associated with successful knowledge management and discover how organizations like yours are developing and applying knowledge management to achieve their goals and objectives.

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“We are entering the knowledge society in which the basic resource is no longer capital, or natural resources, or labor, but is and will be knowledge, and where knowledge workers will play a central role.”    --Peter Drucker