Conflict Management


Managing conflict is a challenge that every organization must face. When a disruption event occurs, it can cause anxiety, frustration, anger, uncertainty, and reduced productivity for a team or the entire organization, depending on the nature of the event.  If no attempt, or an unsuccessful effort, is made to resolve differences, failure to manage conflict properly can result in many types of negative consequences.


Prime Management provides a variety of customized programs designed to address each client's specific situation.  Whether it’s helping you to apply the best win-win tools of top professional mediators and negotiators, rebuilding trust among team members, facilitating self-assessment surveys and tools, or providing expert third-party conflict mediation, we will work with you to reduce your organizational conflict.


For organizations experiencing change, conflict, chaos, and uncertainty here are several examples of Prime Management Conflict Management Services:


• Team and Individual Coaching designed to diffuse conflicts and increase morale and effectiveness

• Team Skill Development designed to improve teamwork

• Dispute Resolution interventions designed to resolve painful conflict

• Personality Profiles used to leverage diverse personality styles that cause conflict



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