Negotiating for Success

Course Overview

The ability to negotiate effectively is a critical management skill.  Yet many managers are not trained to negotiate, and must learn by trial and error. 


By combining theory and practice, this class will improve your effectiveness as a negotiator and increase your ability to resolve conflicts in a multitude of situations.  You will examine the complex dynamics that occur before, during and after a negotiation and the theory behind various approaches.  You will explore the nature of interpersonal and inter-group conflict, learn negotiation strategies and tactics, analyze the social process of conflict resolution as it is practiced in a variety of settings, and gain insight into your own negotiation style.


You will spend much of your time in a series of multi-party negotiation exercises and simulations where, as negotiators and critical observers, you will become more aware of your own behavior as negotiators and learn to analyze what works, what does not work, and why.  These simulations offer the powerful opportunity to experiment with new ways of behaving without facing the real-world consequences of that experimentation.


In addition to conducting negotiations and role-playing, you will study the research on multi-party negotiations, read case studies and contemporary documents, take diagnostic self-assessments, and participate in lively class discussions.


Topics Include


  The negotiation process

  Distributive and integrative bargaining

  Preparation strategies

  The dynamics of power in negotiation

  Psychological aspects of negotiation

  The effect of intra-group or inter-group negotiations

  Understanding your negotiation style

  Competitive Negotiation techniques

  Reasoning techniques

  Power techniques


  Rapport techniques

  Tension management tools

  Communications and perception

  Culture and gender in negotiation

  Conflict resolution

  Overcoming barriers to dispute resolution

  Mediation and other alternative dispute resolution systems

  Working with lawyers

  Organizational change

  Email negotiations

  Salary negotiations


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Critically analyze a conflict situation


Prepare for the negotiation processes


Develop appropriate negotiation strategies


Apply effective negotiation techniques


Overcome barriers to dispute resolution


Negotiate an agreement