Prime Management will implement your projects using state-of-the-art tools & techniques for effective project management.

We develop robust project plans during SmartPLAN™ planning sessions; coordinate project or multiple-project functions within a project management office (PMO); and assist executives and senior managers in aligning their decisions with their organization’s competitive position and strategic direction through portfolio management

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  Prime Management will closely collaborate with you to develop

  an outsourcing strategy most suitable for your organization in

  order to bring about measurable improvements.


Outsourcing the management of your process, project, program, or management responsibilities provides many benefits.  While staying focused on your core competencies, you can infuse world-class management expertise into your organization to become more efficient and responsive, lower costs, reduce risk, improve quality, and deliver the results expected by your customers.

Turning over business processes to a capable and experienced team of experts helps relieve the pressure caused by rapid expansion, chaotic change, tighter budgets, a constrained workforce, or increasing business complexity.   

Prime Management is poised to partner with you to manage your projects or business processes in a relationship that is supportive and dynamic.  We offer you the technical and management expertise you need as your organization grows and changes over time, with the flexibility to help you stay innovative and competitive.

Multi-Vendor Management 


Work that is performed individually by multiple outside vendors to carry out your organization’s mission may have significant negative impacts as a result of poor coordination and oversight of their work. 

To optimize important outsourced work, it is valuable to establish a management structure focused exclusively on managing the work performed by outside vendors.  Applying principles of effective project management, Prime Management would serve in the role of a project management office, performing functions aimed at coordinating the smooth implementation of outsourced work:

•  Developing and collecting vendor status reports

•  Monitoring and communicating scope changes

•  Prioritizing activities

•  Determining internal and external dependencies

•  Coordinating communication between vendors on

    interdependent projects

•  Maintaining proper resource allocation

•  Tracking vendor progress

•  Establishing standards

•  Ensuring process consistency

•  Managing relevant vendor project documentation


When technical expertise alone is insufficient, and effective management means the difference between success and failure, Prime Management is here to strengthen your vendor management system.  We will help you gain visibility into your vendor project portfolio, and provide any level of oversight that you require in order to keep all outsourced work on track, on time, and on budget.



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