Portfolio Management


   Exclusively focusing on the management of single projects

   (project management) in your organization, without

   deliberately managing all your projects as a portfolio

   (portfolio management), may result in enduring and

   persistent performance gaps.


Through our portfolio management services, Prime Management can facilitate the development of a structured, replicable method for assessing investment opportunities and priorities; assist executives and senior managers in aligning their decisions with their organization’s competitive position and strategic direction; and help them assess project potential according to costs and benefits to the entire organization in a balanced and rational way.


In addition to helping you manage the front-end selection and planning of projects, we help you establish robust tools to enable senior management to make more timely decisions, and continuously refine your portfolio management processes to increase managerial leverage and improve project resource allocation and management.


Portfolio Management Benefits:



Your organization may very well possess a methodology that spells out how to execute a single project, but have you actually established processes to:


  Strategically select, prioritize, and periodically review your entire portfolio of projects to focus your organization exclusively on projects that yield high value?

 Align project work with your organization’s strategic direction?

•  Ensure that all projects contribute value to the organization?


  Ensure limited resources are allocated properly across your projects, especially to the highest impact projects?


  Close the communications gaps in the transition from business owner to project implementer that negatively impact final project quality?




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